Soup Swap: Easy Ranch Chili

The best cure for cold weather is a big, steaming bowl of soup… or stew, or chili. No matter what region of the country you live in, or what country for that matter, there is a favorite soup.

For me, chili is what I crave when it’s chilly outside (that was my obligatory soup joke… feel free to use, but please, give the proper attribution.)

This recipe is so easy, it’s more of a dump chili than one that takes forever to put together. You probably have every thing you need in the frig or pantry. Simply brown your ground beef and onion, then pour the rest of the ingredients in your pot and simmer. It’s that easy, and I’m all about easy.

The key to its tang is the secret ingredient – Ranch salad dressing. It gives it a surprising bite.

If you’re looking for some great recipes, or a new cold weather favorite, check out Rachel, she of A Southern Fairytale fame, who is hosting a Soup Swap this week for all of us who love this endearing comfort food.

Rachel is also encouraging everyone to donate to their local food banks so everyone can benefit from hot meals this winter.

Easy Ranch Chili

1½ pounds ground round
1 small onion, chopped
2 10 oz. cans tomatoes and chilies (I use RoTel)
2 15 0z. cans black beans, undrained (I sometimes use one can black beans, and one can navy beans)
1 envelope taco seasoning mix
1 envelope Ranch dressing, dry mix (do not substitute bottled dressing)
hot sauce to taste (I use Cholula)

In a dutch oven, brown beef and onion together, drain grease. Add in remaining ingredients, cover and simmer on low heat until heated through. Stirring occasionally. All ingredients may also be placed in a Crockpot, and simmered on low for 4-6 hours.

The longer it simmers, the more the flavors come out.

Recommended toppings: crushed corn chips, shredded cheddar cheese and/or sour cream.

*I was in no way compensated for mentioning brand name ingredients, these are simply my preferences.

6 thoughts on “Soup Swap: Easy Ranch Chili

  1. What a coincidence! I was just planning meals for the week and it included making chili. This recipe sounds too good not to try. (And I have all the ingredients in my pantry too. :))


  2. It looks and sounds incredible! I’m definitely going to try this one! And the fact it can cook in a crock pot is a big bonus.

    I have chicken chili on the menu for sometime this week, but have no problem trying another version of chili in the same week.


    1. I think converting this to a vegetarian chili would be fairly easy. I’ve added corn to this before and that as very good. I would think zucchini would also be a good substitute.


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