Burgers as big as your head

One of the fun perks of living in a military-centric area is that so many different cultures, and cuisines are represented. Small, locally owned restaurants here feature authentic South Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, German, Italian and of course American mom and pop comfort food. I like dining at local restaurants, supporting local businesses. One of [...]

I dip, you dip

Even with all of the constant carb bashing you hear in the news, I'll be the first to admit that sometimes a nice chunk of crusty bread becomes a craving that's difficult to ignore. So... I don't. Here's a tempting mixture of herbs, garlic and olive oil that is an amazing dip for breads. I've also [...]

Egg gravy and toast

A recent Facebook/Twitter conversation had me reminiscing about a favorite breakfast my mother used to make for me when I was a kid, that I now prepare for my kids - egg gravy. Apparently, that isn't a food term many people knew. Being that I love to cook, and love to share what I cook, [...]