Cracked, but not broken.
Spider-webs of glass, silky spirals tenuous and fragile,
Weakened, but whole.
Each piece a part of the puzzle, linked together
Creating beauty out of trauma, art out of drama.

Sharp edges a reminder to proceed with caution
Over a façade rough to the touch, but needing a gentle hand.
Tender still at the heart, rippling outward into wider circles,
Flowing away from the hurt and pain.

Tiny prisms of light, reflecting back what is seen,
Yet hiding behind a mosaic of smoke and mirrors.
Afraid to break free, afraid to break in,
Afraid of being hurt
On those scathing shards of rejection and scorn.

Looking out, looking in
The view is the same
When the unknown is daunting,
And the way through is fraught with mystery.

8 thoughts on “Shattered

  1. That is beautiful, and I know you’re talking about something way deeper than what it appears at first glance. A truly heartfelt poem, Tara. And that photo? Tell me that isn’t another of your awesome work?


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