Weekly Winners – foggy, sort of…

Finally got out of the house, even the rain couldn’t keep me in… thank you big jacket and water-resistant lens bags.

I spotted the deer near the entrance of one of the parks I visited this week. Pulling to the side of the road, I dropped the window and tried to not scare him away.

Minimizing my movements by not turning off the car radio, I soon discovered he liked old Doobie Bros. ~ “… without love, where would you be right now…” ~ tapping his hoof to the music, he ran away only after the final note faded away. (I really have no idea if this was a male deer or a doe.)

The snap of the fence… that’s not snow… it’s sand. It is really that white.

In the final photo, I got a little artsy. It was a little chilly out and I kept having to clean condensation off the LCD screen. To get the foggy feel in the shot, I intentionally fogged up the lens, letting it burn off until I could get the effect I wanted.

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20 thoughts on “Weekly Winners – foggy, sort of…

  1. I love your photography. It’s making me want to learn how to use my new camera better… I’m still just faking my way along. How awesome with the foggy thing for the last photo. Glad the weather sorta cooperated for you!


  2. Tara.. First.. LOVE the new place.. love it.. thank you for sharing it with me.. and these images are beautiful. The sand drift is just spectacular to me.. bravo!!!


  3. that sand looks like snow! these are so great for so many reasons, I love the holy leaves, the deer, wow, how did you get so close? the seagulls is my fav because I love that feeling, those moments on the beach, I miss the beach 😦


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