Stating the obvious

elephant profile

“So, we’re not even mentioning the elephant in the room?” Chris, the baby, was the family troublemaker. “I’m more concerned with Nonie right now.” Patrick, the second-born, was the people-pleaser. “Of course you are,” Chris mumbled. “I’m more concerned with why there is a dead body buried under the leaves in the backyard.” Being the […]

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These two…

brother and sister

These two… Four years apart in age, the teens years were a trial. She wanted to protect him, he wanted her to stop mothering him. Cats and dogs fight with more civility than they did. Now, both in their 20s, they are best buds. His sister is a leggy, 5’9″. Growing up, all he wanted […]

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Happy birthday baby sister

german chocolate muffin

“Did you decide what you wanted to do for your birthday, Mom?” Haley was curled up in a recliner in the living room, eating a bowl of cereal. Her mother, Debbie, was folding clothes, stacking neat piles along the back of the couch. “Having all of you together for dinner would be great,” Debbie said, […]

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Purple hair and tangerine sunsets

purple and orange sunset

The two siblings sat at the low kids’ table. Scrap paper was scattered across the surface, along with little piles of crayons spilt from several tattered boxes. None of the colors were whole. Paper was torn off to expose broken tips. Older than his sister by two years, the six-year-old boy was meticulously drawing a […]

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Sibling rivalry

red fern frond

“Have you told your brother?” Momentarily speechless, my mouth agape, I finally shook off my stunned silence. “No, and I have no intention of telling him.” It was our dad’s turn to be dumbfounded. “How can you not?” “It’s really easy. I deleted his cell number from my phone, I blocked his emails, he never […]

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Crocodile tears

“You can stop the crocodile tears. You know whining gets you nowhere with me.” I try to keep my voice even, not needing to share our conversation with my fellow cafe denizens. All I want is a quiet morning to just sit and sip my latte. “This is settled. I’m not arguing with you.” Holding […]

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