graffiti island girl

“I still don’t think the ‘rents trust me,” I said, handing him a wet glass. Drying it seductively, he maintained eye contact with me. “Why should they, you’re a cradle robber,” he chuckled. We were wearing mismatched pajamas. He had on the pants, and I was swimming in his 2X shirt. “You were also my […]

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More questions

Neon theater marquee

Snuggled together on their bed watching film noir, sheets kicked to the footboard, he grumbled. “Why do you stay with me?” She sighed against his bare chest. All she wanted was a quite, lazy Sunday morning. “Some days darlin’, I ask myself the same question.” “What’s your answer?” She swung a leg across his body, […]

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Gordian knot

... a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma...

“You know I love you.” It is exhausting sometimes to love someone who always needs validation and constant reassurance. “Prove it.” There was that lost, little boy smile I’m defenseless against. I put down my book in defeat and sighed. “You mean perform some Herculean feat, or unravel an impossibly tangled Gordian knot?” “Yeah, like […]

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It’s the thought that counts

dandelion seeds

They lounged on opposite ends of the couch reading books of opposing viewpoints. Her feet rested in his lap as his absentmindedly massaged her calf. Laying down his book, he reached into his beard with both hands and raked it with curled fingers, coming away with a tiny piece of fuzz. “Here, I made you something.” A single […]

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Nothing’s gonna break my stride

sidewalk smiley face

Lying next to her, he traced the curve of her back as she sat on the edge of their bed tying her Mizunos. Encircling her waist with his arm, he rolled her on top of him, giving her an affectionate smack on the ass. “They say, making love burns more calories than walking.” “Yeah? I […]

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Simple days

After so many years married, they still walk hand in hand. Their fingers naturally reaching out, intertwining into a perfect fit. A playful lift of his brow, a secret passed between them, and her cheeks blush school-girl pink. Calling out their front door as he leaves for work in the mornings, she favorably critiques his callipygian […]

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