100 Word Challenge: Villein

Lately, I’ve been reading a series of mystery novels by Ellis Peters. I like whodunits, but I don’t obsessively try to figure out who actually did it because I want that “didn’t see that coming” reaction when the killer is revealed in the end. What I like about Peters’ novels is that her mysteries are […]

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Flower Fortress

magnolia bud

“It is an anxious peace, Your Highness.” Prince Royce paced around the war suite. His sword and scabbard hung from an ornate finial decorating one ear of his throne. His coat was draped over one arm of the chair. Various other royal accouterments were strewed around the room, left where he dropped them. When he was troubled, […]

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As the spirits move you

purple man'o'war jellyfish

The story so far… King Rája languished in a hammock lashed between two stanchions buried deep into the sand. Attendants held fans over the royal, shielding him and his wizard from the harsh coastal sun. The necromancer was divining signs in the bloody bones of a sacrificial goat. “The portents are pointing to your reign […]

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Voices carry

ant hill

The story so far… The King’s sergeant-of-arms, Calen, half dragging and half carrying Maud, burst through the tent entry, swearing at the sentry to leave them. Maud fell into the pile of cushions, trying to cradle her left arm, her hand wrapped in what looked like a bloody rag. She screamed in pain when she […]

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A ghostly past

Agatha’s Story so far… Queen Maud covered her mouth with her hands as best she could, trying to shield her face from the sand kicked up by the guard as he struggled with her across the beach. Once inside the dark tent, set off from the rest of the camp, Maud pulled away from Calen, […]

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A new road

deserted wooden pier

Activity around the castle was frantic, like a hive of demented bees. Preparations were well underway to move court to the coast. Ostensibly, it was a covert reconnoitre of the region with an end goal to annex the fertile coastline. The truth was his Mage felt moving King Ráfa away from public scrutiny would help […]

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