Storm brewing

night thunderstorm

“I truly had no idea how deranged he was.” Maud twisted her handkerchief into a knot. “There was be no way to know, unless a person was just as evil.” Agatha consoled her friend. “His level of depravity is beyond understanding.” “He was so beautiful,” Maud sounded like a young maiden again. “It was if […]

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A vital ally

Maud broke loose of Agatha’s embrace and began unfurling the tent flaps, blocking prying eyes from witnessing their reunion. While the two women spoke in hushed tones, Duncan watched, fascinated at the change in his usually stoic mother, now animated and smiling. He gathered pillows for them to lounge on, along with woven rugs to […]

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Best laid plans

broken shell on beach

“He’s an ugly crier.” Pru refused to look at the village bellman as he rang out the day’s announcements. “Oyezzz, Oyezzzz, Oyezzzzz!” He shouted, drawing out the words to coax the townspeople into the square. Dressed in his familiar tricorne hat, white britches and red coat, from behind he cut quite a figure. It was […]

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The Prince refused to allow Agatha to best him. He would chase his runaway bride through the castle tombs and drag her back to make her suffer for his humiliation. Lashing out with his dagger, the Prince attempted to defend himself against the onslaught of phantoms pouring out of the catacombs. A vain effort, his blade […]

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A nightmare comes calling

Agatha sat on the beach, her face turned upward to let the sea breezes and sun wash over her. Deftly fingering the beads of her old rosary, she silently recited her blessings, ending with the name of the priest who gave his life for hers. The open expanse of the shoreline was a stark contrast […]

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