To fight another day

What has come before… A bead of blood sat precariously on the corner of her mouth. With a slow, deliberate motion Josiephine licked the drop off with the merest tip of her tongue then dabbed at her lip with a callused thumb to make sure she got the last of it. The gathered tormentors dropped […]

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Heart of stone

Singing in the old language, her incantation swirled around the cabin, mingling with dirty smoke rising from the brazier, changing the vapor from grey to putrid yellow. It wasn’t simply the tune she sang, it was the rise and fall of her voice, the intonation of each word. It was how she would elide through […]

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En garde

Gallagher wasn’t an overly tall man, so storing his swords and épées in a stone pot that reached past his waist seemed impractical. He would be unable to cleanly draw any of his weapons should the need arise. Funny, that my first thought was of the readiness of his arsenal, and not that he possessed […]

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Riding the rails

The law says a freight trains can’t go over 10 miles an hour when it’s moving through town. At that speed, if you’re agile enough, it’s easy to grab onto one of the boxcar’s ladder rungs. Sometimes, if the car had just been offloaded they leave the cargo door open to air out the container. […]

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Flower Fortress

magnolia bud

“It is an anxious peace, Your Highness.” Prince Royce paced around the war suite. His sword and scabbard hung from an ornate finial decorating one ear of his throne. His coat was draped over one arm of the chair. Various other royal accouterments were strewed around the room, left where he dropped them. When he was troubled, […]

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Troll bridge

wooden bridge

There is magic in the world – rainbows and hummingbirds, fireflies and shooting stars. Angels live among us, guardians watching over us, keeping us safe, leading us through the darkness. Kindness still opens sealed doors and moves mountains. A sweet kiss turns frogs into princes, and awakens sleeping princesses. Spells are conjured with words like, […]

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