100 Word Challenge: Obsession

old black and white photo

I have a lifelong obsession with books… mayhap I should more accurately say addiction. In my house, between my husband, children and myself, we have close to 1000 books. That’s correct, four figures. Enough to open our own small bookshop. Add to that another 360+ ebooks… well, you can see the problem. I just turned […]

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Quiet please

The cavernous chamber rose three levels to a pitched, glass ceiling. Covered in layers of soot and bird droppings, the skylight offered little light. At floor level, massive desks lined the room. Dusty study lamps, long dark, sat forlornly on the tabletops. Rolling ladders hung from rods above bookshelves running the length of the walls […]

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100 Word Challenge: Library

Since the invent of the e-reader – Nook, Kindle and their ilk – I’ve remained a staunch adherent to the sanctity of the printed book. The smell of the ink on paper leafs, the feel of buckram, the heft of the book in my hands – I loved… love… all of it. That was until […]

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piles of old books

Sitting among the old and crumbling books, Jacob lovingly laid his hand on the tallest stack sitting on a wooden cart. Sounds of marauders filtered through the hundreds of shelves of abandoned stories. The raucous ruins now the antithesis to his once somber and silent sanctuary. The last remaining phantom library, the Grand Canton Repository […]

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100 Word Challenge: Garden

This past weekend, I put the final touches on my books. Not writing them, painting them. It’s spring and I’m in the gardening mood. My front yard needed some color and a little character – characters like The Scarlet Pimpernel, Bill Forrester, Walt Whitman and Ravi Kapoor. Not typically an artsy-crafty sort of person, I couldn’t resist […]

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box of marquee letters

“Welcome to the Ivory Quill, let me know if there is anything I can help you find.” With that greeting, Seshat, the store owner, left me to browse her antique letter shop. I’m in the word business, and I needed a new supply of serifs, calligraphs, blocks and gothics. There aren’t many of us WordSmiths […]

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