100 Word Challenge: Record

blank journal and quill

I’ve had the notebooks for a while, but this week I’ve attempted to begin Bullet Journaling. Though it’s been around for years, it seems to have a newfound following if you look at Pinterest, and social media. I like the idea of using bullet points to keep notes. Lists work for me. If I write […]

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The novel approach

glowing plastic jack-o'-lantern

If only she took the less novel approach, perhaps handing out wholesome snacks for trick or treat, like little boxes of raisins, or prepackaged flaxseed granola made with organic honey. Cassandra wouldn’t hear it. She wanted her house to stand out in the neighborhood as the one with the most talked about Halloween goodies. She claimed […]

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History framed

brick tunnel

Ancient time passage History framed brick by brick If these walls could talk Photo taken at Fort Pickens State Park, near Pensacola, FL. Built between 1829 and 1834, the fort was a key military installation during the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, World War I and II, guarding the entrance to Pensacola Harbor. From 1886 […]

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Spinning yarns

old chair on cabin porch

I sit at my great-grandmother’s knee on the porch of her old farmhouse. A tangle of wool sheared from her Cheviots sheep, dyed a bright yellow from sedge grass I gathered last fall, is wound loosely around my hands. She lifts the wool from my outstretched arms, twisting the yarn into a small ball of […]

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Act accordion-ly

vintage accordion

The house smelled of old age and senility. Each room was crammed full of tables and chiffonier, sideboards and china cabinets; chairs, ottomans, and sofas of all sorts. No surface was bare, no cabinet empty, no nook unoccupied. In an earlier time, the resident would risk being labeled a hoarder. The house was a warren […]

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piles of old books

Sitting among the old and crumbling books, Jacob lovingly laid his hand on the tallest stack sitting on a wooden cart. Sounds of marauders filtered through the hundreds of shelves of abandoned stories. The raucous ruins now the antithesis to his once somber and silent sanctuary. The last remaining phantom library, the Grand Canton Repository […]

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