Like mother, like daughter

broken gravestone urn

“She was just like her mother, sour and rancorous.” Parishioners swarmed old Westfall Cemetery, clearing weeds and dead floral arrangements in observance of Decoration Day. Elders, in white, Sunday-best shirts, sleeves rolled up past their elbows, uprighted toppled stones. The urn, split in half, memorialized the final resting places of mother and daughter, Gertrude and … Continue reading Like mother, like daughter


"What are you doing here?" Cora's voice was weak and raspy from disuse. She had lain dormant for so long, that waking to the demon fog was confusing. Contained them before entering her suspension, Cora defeated the fog once. They shouldn't be there haunting her house, she shouldn't be there haunting her house either. The … Continue reading Haunting