En garde

Gallagher wasn’t an overly tall man, so storing his swords and épées in a stone pot that reached past his waist seemed impractical. He would be unable to cleanly draw any of his weapons should the need arise. Funny, that my first thought was of the readiness of his arsenal, and not that he possessed … Continue reading En garde

Washed away

In the time before the Deluge, the sons of God dwelled with the daughters of man, and they turned away from their reverent ways, and God was displeased. A great flood would cover the earth, destroying all creatures on land, in the sky, and in the oceans. Noah, a singularly pious man, his sons and … Continue reading Washed away

Wish stick therapy

Marriage counseling was not going well. Terrance and Leslie O’Shay, newlyweds of only four weeks, were headed for a breakup, but now, they were at an impasse. Leslie had stopped talking. Every question from their therapist, Becca Dawson, LMFT, was met with Leslie furiously shaking her head. “Why don’t we stop here for today,” Becca said. … Continue reading Wish stick therapy