Water’s fine

“Tell me about this dream again.” I looked unblinkingly at my therapist a moment before closing my eyes so she can’t see me roll them. “I’m at the top some wooden stairs,” I began. “What’s on either side of you.” One eyelid parted a fraction. “Nothing, just steps leading down to a rocky beach.” “And, […]

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Beyond the wall

The snow this close to the edge should be hip deep, instead, the temperatures were almost Spring-like. The expedition team wore only light trekking gear. If Col. Jerrod had not made the command order, team seismologist Pater Robie would be in flip-flops and not his required arctic boots. “I can hear rushing water.” Daisy Kendall, […]

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No light, no sound

foggy bridge

Cold and damp, fog comes creeping, Blanketing the harbor beneath a shroud of grey. Silently eerie, shadows veil the fae. Wee folk dance mortals into a frenzy, Faster and faster, a delirious ballet. Spinning, twirling, the world falls away. Light and sound reason betrays.

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Reverent silence

foggy dirt road through pine woods

An eerie silence enveloped the pine woods, as a thick, misty fog crept over the landscape – all sound muted in fearful reverence to the darkness.  

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Gone, but not forgotten

foggy bayou

The sun was missing Saturday morning. It wasn’t that it was cold. It was a balmy 70°F. It wasn’t raining, it wasn’t snowing – it’s Florida, after all. The sun was simply gone. A grey cloud of fog seemed to engulf the world, shutting out light and sound. It was as if the birds knew […]

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Lost in the mist

“The rain last night was bad as I’ve ever seen it.” Clifford tapped his pipe on the counter, dislodging a wad of ash and dottle on the floor. Scooting it under the cabinet ledge with the toe of his boot, he knew Roberta would give him hell about it later when she swept up. “It […]

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