cotton boll
100 Word Challenge

Forever in blue jeans

I feel faded... ...and comfortable, like an old, worn pair of jeans. Knees thin from traipsing through the woods, and crabbing across the beach with my children. My pockets filled with blissful memories - smooth river rocks, pieces of polished driftwood, and pearlescent seashells. I feel like I’ve finally grown into my skin, and it’s fitting in… Continue reading Forever in blue jeans

purple and orange sunset
Flash Fiction, Light and Shade

Purple hair and tangerine sunsets

The two siblings sat at the low kids’ table. Scrap paper was scattered across the surface, along with little piles of crayons spilt from several tattered boxes. None of the colors were whole. Paper was torn off to expose broken tips. Older than his sister by two years, the six-year-old boy was meticulously drawing a… Continue reading Purple hair and tangerine sunsets