open street lamp

A new generation

The story so far... “He’s close,” Abigail said. “You trust me, don’t you?” “Completely.” Barlowe took a deep breath as he gathered Abigail in his arms. “See you on the other side.” ### Quentin stood outside Abigail’s apartment, the anticipation of taking her and Barlowe together made his breath come in quick gasps. Materializing through the … Continue reading A new generation

downtown apartment building


The story so far... It will mean split second precision. If they make one slip, wait a second too long, then Barlowe won’t be able to assimilate and his body will die. There was only one way to lure Quentin to Abigail, and it was something Barlowe both dreaded and eagerly anticipated. ### Abigail came … Continue reading Betrothed

black nets

Cage fighter

The story so far... Two long scars ran vertically in the shape of a V down her back, starting between her shoulder blades, and coming to a near point at her waist. Moved by her injury, Barlowe tenderly traced the shimmering pink lines with his fingertips. Her skin trembled under his touch, and she began a slow shift … Continue reading Cage fighter

pile of dead leaves

Dead again

The story so far… Her voice sounded far away, tinny and surreal. Barlowe tried processing what she was saying, but his brain kept telling him this woman was batshit crazy. Pushing away from his desk, he locked the office door then sat beside Abigail, turning her chair so she was facing him. “Tell me everything.” … Continue reading Dead again