Dead again

pile of dead leaves

The story so far… Her voice sounded far away, tinny and surreal. Barlowe tried processing what she was saying, but his brain kept telling him this woman was batshit crazy. Pushing away from his desk, he locked the office door then sat beside Abigail, turning her chair so she was facing him. “Tell me everything.” […]

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Beyond imagination

dark stairwell

The story so far… Det. Jack Barlowe closed the email from the Galway Gardaí when his desk officer knocked on his office door. He waved the young man into the room. “Detective, you’ve got a visitor,” he said. Leaning on the door jamb, he whispered, “she’s hot.” “Thank you for coming downtown, Ms. Dolan.” Barlowe […]

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Here comes trouble

black and white queen hearts focal color

The story so far… A sharp shaft of light cut through the darkness, aiming its laser focus at Abigail’s left eye. Turning away from the morning sun, she groaned and pulled a pillow over her eyes. If only the pain in her head was from a heavy night of drinking, a little hair of the […]

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Walk of shame

deco candelabra

The story so far… Quentin, sprawled in the doctor’s king ranch bed, listened to the young nurse hastily gathering her things. Whatever arrangement she had with Dr. Payne was shattered with Quentin’s response to her attempts at intimacy. She whimpered as she picked up her discarded clothing. Any questions were ignored, or dismissed with a […]

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Said the spider to the fly

abandoned jail cell

The story so far… Abigail barely made it into her apartment before she collapsed on the couch. Maintaining her composure in public was more physically challenging than she expected. Stretching out, she braced herself for the transformation she knew was coming. During the experimental phase, when she practiced the shape-shifting techniques she learned while Quentin […]

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Industrial chic

windows in old downtown district

The story so far… It’s curious what bits of memory don’t transfer well. Quentin, key fob in hand, wandered around the physicians’ parking lot looking for his car. Listening for the telltale “beep, beep,” he tried to remember what model the good Dr. Payne drove. The feelings he conjured in the ER towards the nurses, […]

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