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yellow leaf bokeh background


The farther into this life that I journey, the less in focus my past becomes. I forget the hard edges and garish moments. They fade into a subtle mosaic, a muted backdrop for the splendor of my present, with the hope of my future lighting my way ahead.  

sunset horizon

Final frontier

The ancients believed that our world ended at the horizon, that the ocean simply fell off into nothing. They couldn’t fathom the immensity of the earth. Since then we have extended our vision. We’ve touched every continent, climbed every mountain, dove into every sea. We’ve flown to the moon and back, and pine for faraway Mars. ...

zebra closeup

Shades of gray

Love is not black and white. You have to look a man in the eye to know what he really wants.  

wooden carpentry ruler

Measure thrice

He pulled the ruler from a narrow, side pocket of his overalls, snapping it open with military precision. Despite his workingman métier, his appearance was always meticulous. A razor-edged crease ran down the center of each pant leg; his white oxford shirt, starched and buttoned to the neck; and his nails free of grime, were ...

sunlight reflected on grey building

Wallflower windows

Sunlight scandalized the introverted downtown building, shimmying along rows of wallflower windows, inviting them to dance.  

vine growing out of stone wall

Breaking through, breaking down

She focused so hard on breaking through the walls, that she neglected to thrive once she made it into the light.  

close up of clock face

Ticking away

Time Fluid Oil spill leaching out in treacherous ripples Purple sheen bruises Butterfly wing breezes push outward Building A tsunami, anger raging Destroying all in its path Time Still Peaceful moments amidst chaos Suspended by warm currents Buoyed in briny fathoms Floating Gentle eddy curling into itself Holding the contentment within  

luxury car

If wishes were horses

I tease my SO about spending a few dollars a week on lottery numbers while I continue trying to win $7,000 a week for life from the ghost of Ed McMahon. Clicking through the inexhaustible pages of yard sale fodder, I keep hoping I’ll find the magical combination of “continues” and search topics to hit ...

favorite footwear

A mile in my shoes

I am not girly. As long as I can remember, I’ve been a bit of a tomboy. (I grew up in the 60s and 70s, that term wasn’t politically incorrect back in the day - I’m owning it.) I’m more at ease in jeans and T-shirts than dresses; happier in flip-flops than stilettos. Without an ...