Worth the trouble

junked willys jeep

She only needs a little attention, a little grunt work. Put some time in sanding and spraying on a few layers of primer, maybe some metal fabrication. Being out exposed to the elements has caused major rust damage, and rotted the floor board out, but it can all be fixed. The grill is gone. Bet a replacement would be easy to find in the bone yard. Finding glass to replace the broken windows might be harder to track down. Could hunt around on eBay.

Shocks, yeah, upgrade her with new coil over shocks and disc brakes. The frame and chassis should be good, there doesn’t seem to be any wreck evidence. Ghost flames would be a classy touch. Gotta get all that trim re-chromed too.

The tree growing through the truck bed is going to cause problems, but it can be handled. It’s a vintage jeep after all, and worth the trouble.

NaBloPoMo May 2015
19/31 – Vintage


5 thoughts on “Worth the trouble

  1. Take out ebay and I felt like it was the early to mid 1980s and I was helping my dad and or grandfathers fix up and old car for auction. Nice job.

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    1. These are my FIL’s actual Willys jeeps. In the entire 30+ years I’ve known him, he has yet to restore a single one of them. He has yet to get started restoring one of them.

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  2. Anything you truly love is worth the trouble and pain and indecision, isn’t it?
    A beautiful metaphor for not giving up on anything or anyone…no matter the obstacles.

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