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Dressing for dinner

The turkey carcass was picked cleaner then if it had been devoured by starving piranhas. Crusty pans and bowls, devoid of any food scraps, along with empty plates, crumb-coated utensils, and greasy serving platters were precariously stacked in an overflowing sink - an Oneida and Corelle homage to the sacrificial bird. Celebrants, sated into tryptophanic… Continue reading Dressing for dinner

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The game’s afoot

More from the Dinner Party… “I’m not one to be critical,” Hallie began, “seeing all you’ve done for me so far.” “You’re questioning how we can ensure you will not be incarcerated by our local constabulary, again?” “It has been a month and I still don’t know what’s going on,” Hallie said. The two were… Continue reading The game’s afoot

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Game, match

More from the Dinner Party... Inspiration posters decorated two walls of the visitors’ room - taped to the cinder block, not nailed. Small tables and stackable chairs were littered around the room, making it look like a crowd had made a hasty exit. The door leading inside, and the two walls facing out into the… Continue reading Game, match

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Snake in the grass

More from the Dinner Party... “What is on my schedule today, Jasper?” Augustine Stiles pronouncement the word “shed-yool,” regardless of the fact he was born in the U.S. midwest. Mr. Stiles was dressed for the day in khaki twill pants pressed with razor-sharp creases, and a white Oxford shirt accented with a blue and yellow… Continue reading Snake in the grass

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The great Outside

“You calling me an idiot?” Issy hissed. “Are you impugning my authority on this?” Mia sat down and breathed a heavy sigh. Sayuki rolled her eyes as only a teenager can. “Your histrionics are unnecessary, no one is arguing with you over your superior knowledge” Mia said, “but you’re not the only one who’s gone… Continue reading The great Outside

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Final beginning

Driving in the early morning fog, her car headlights barely cut through the murky dawn. Laurel packed her car tight with everything she owned, yet it was still a meager accounting of her life. There was no destination, all Laurel wanted was to get out of town. Laurel’s entire life was a series of new… Continue reading Final beginning

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A ship’s bell

Bells are ringing, each toll like a death knell to my spirit. It’s traditional for the town bells to sound when there is good news to celebrate. The fleet returns, and the pealing began when the first sail was sighted. I knew before the last of the fleet docked in port that one ship was… Continue reading A ship’s bell