Queen Issy

tabby cat

She had the whole house to pick a spot to plunk her bony butt down for her PTA scrub. Of course, she chose to lick all her lady pieces parts as she wallowed on my Publix sales flyer and laptop, whilst I was making my Thanksgiving dinner grocery list. Despite her lack of tact, or […]

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Takeout for Thanksgiving

homemade hamburger buns

It’s been one of those mind-numbingly boring weekends. Rain – and not just a miserable winter drizzle, but a torrential, thunder-n-lightning tempest – has kept me inside, and I need to go shopping for Thanksgiving dinner fixin’s. I have one lonely can of French-cut green beans, and not much else. No turkey or ham thawing in […]

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Holiday shopping season

bumper sticker

It’s less than a week from Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations and artificial trees have been on display since before Halloween, and the righteous indignation surrounding Black Friday shopping has reached a fevered pitch. Most of my holiday shopping is now done online. I don’t do malls and Big Box stores. Crowds make me stabby. If, for […]

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Guardian at the gate

F15 Eagle, gate guardian

Stoic and stalwart War tested, ever watchful Travelers’ guardian There is a regional airport about 10 miles from where I live. It’s attached to Eglin Air Force Base near Fort Walton Beach, FL. Eglin AFB is one of the largest military installations in the U.S., covering 724 square miles of land ranges, and extending out […]

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Whispered wishes

dandelion seeds

Summer fields, verdant with sunshine and warm rain, burst open with dollops of yellow radiance. Promises of long, leisurely days, and sweet, gentle nights sway in the breeze, wafting honey perfume. Dogs days, sultry and ardent, yearn for one last moment of estival intimacy, drunk on dandelion wine and kisses. Gone are the sparks of […]

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The silken paw

cat paw on Buddha

Not a sharp, cruel claw, Silken paw, gentle and loving Unconditional, uncomplicated Tender persuasion A soft touch, a warm caress, Stills a troubled heart Empathetic calm when chaos rules Soothing feline lullaby Whispered in the dark Do unto others Bringing peace amidst discord A hushed tranquility Sharing in other’s suffering With sympathy and compassion Do […]

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