The silken paw

cat paw on Buddha

Not a sharp, cruel claw,
Silken paw, gentle and loving
Unconditional, uncomplicated

Tender persuasion
A soft touch, a warm caress,
Stills a troubled heart

Empathetic calm when chaos rules
Soothing feline lullaby
Whispered in the dark

Do unto others
Bringing peace amidst discord
A hushed tranquility

Sharing in other’s suffering
With sympathy and compassion
Do no further harm

Playful and fierce, wild spirit
Reaching out when there’s need
Sometimes shy, often bold and insistent

Loyal companion, if only a short while
Filling a hole in my heart
Joy covered in fur

Life is better for being owned by a cat

I’m grateful for:


Being owned by a cat
  2. My warm, furry neck muff
  3. Cats practicing Buddhism
The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Claws”

365 Days of Grace


11 thoughts on “The silken paw

  1. So. I am not a cat person but this is the kind of writing that could change my heart. I love thinking of them stilling the chaos.


    1. I cannot emphasize enough what having a cat has done to help my son. If ever there was a service animal, his cat have been just that. When he is in full anxiety state, having Issy there to help calm him has been as good as any medication.

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      1. That is the best endorsement of all time. So glad that kitty brings so much healing. (John is slightly allergic to cat hair and so is Gio, not full blown attacks but red eyes and scratchy throats…Fenton , our German Shepherd, will have to do. 🙂 )


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