Uppity women

crowned statue

A possible sequel to this story… “Ooo… you’re the beneficiary of a vast fortune.” Colin held up a letter, waving it with a grand flourish. “Nigerian?” Gatta kept filling in the Saturday crossword in the Times. “No, Hurin,” he said, folding the paper and making as if to tear it in half. “What?” She tossed […]

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Meeting of the minds

dirt trail in shadows

The story so far… Agatha was waiting when the sergeant knocked on her door. He barely recognized the woman standing at the threshold. “Are you ready?” Calen took Agatha’s satchel. Agatha checked her apron pocket for her ever-present string of beads. ‘I am,” she said. “Let’s make Rája wish the spirits kept him in the […]

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As the spirits move you

purple man'o'war jellyfish

The story so far… King Rája languished in a hammock lashed between two stanchions buried deep into the sand. Attendants held fans over the royal, shielding him and his wizard from the harsh coastal sun. The necromancer was divining signs in the bloody bones of a sacrificial goat. “The portents are pointing to your reign […]

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Voices carry

ant hill

The story so far… The King’s sergeant-of-arms, Calen, half dragging and half carrying Maud, burst through the tent entry, swearing at the sentry to leave them. Maud fell into the pile of cushions, trying to cradle her left arm, her hand wrapped in what looked like a bloody rag. She screamed in pain when she […]

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A ghostly past

Agatha’s Story so far… Queen Maud covered her mouth with her hands as best she could, trying to shield her face from the sand kicked up by the guard as he struggled with her across the beach. Once inside the dark tent, set off from the rest of the camp, Maud pulled away from Calen, […]

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Blood orange sun

blood orange sunset at the beach

Previously: “I know who you are, who you really are Noone.” Duncan watched for Agatha’s reaction. When she didn’t flinch, he continued. “You know how old women tell children stories about monsters to make them behave? I already knew about monsters. My nanny told me about you, to give me hope.” Duncan handed Agatha’s rosary […]

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