On the right path

Sand dollar

Agatha remained huddled beneath the rugs with Duncan, afraid to even breathe. Straining to hear whether the guard had companions, Agatha dared to lift a corner to look out into the open tent. Duncan stayed her hand, laying a finger against his lips. He scooted backward away from her, slowly uncovering his head. Looking around […]

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A new road

deserted wooden pier

Activity around the castle was frantic, like a hive of demented bees. Preparations were well underway to move court to the coast. Ostensibly, it was a covert reconnoitre of the region with an end goal to annex the fertile coastline. The truth was his Mage felt moving King Ráfa away from public scrutiny would help […]

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Storm brewing

night thunderstorm

“I truly had no idea how deranged he was.” Maud twisted her handkerchief into a knot. “There was be no way to know, unless a person was just as evil.” Agatha consoled her friend. “His level of depravity is beyond understanding.” “He was so beautiful,” Maud sounded like a young maiden again. “It was if […]

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A vital ally

Maud broke loose of Agatha’s embrace and began unfurling the tent flaps, blocking prying eyes from witnessing their reunion. While the two women spoke in hushed tones, Duncan watched, fascinated at the change in his usually stoic mother, now animated and smiling. He gathered pillows for them to lounge on, along with woven rugs to […]

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Best laid plans

broken shell on beach

“He’s an ugly crier.” Pru refused to look at the village bellman as he rang out the day’s announcements. “Oyezzz, Oyezzzz, Oyezzzzz!” He shouted, drawing out the words to coax the townspeople into the square. Dressed in his familiar tricorne hat, white britches and red coat, from behind he cut quite a figure. It was […]

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abandoned fishing pier

Duncan backed away from his father as his conspiracy rant became more shrill and incoherent. Being the Prince afforded him the privilege of ignoring the court custom of waiting for proper dismissal from the King. Ráfa typically paid his son no heed, and didn’t notice his departure. Once out of the royal tent, Duncan made […]

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