Fine motor skills

“...engages in inappropriate behavior. Disrupting lessons and distracting other students...” The rest of her tirade began to sound like the teacher in the Snoopy cartoons... wha, wha, whawha... I’m so tired of attending IEP sessions only to hear a litany of offenses and no constructive plan to actually help him. Just once, tell me something [...]

A walk to remember

Empty chairs at school assemblies, no scrawled ‘love Daddy’ on unsent birthday cards. Carrie was used to it, but Cam was too young to remember him. He couldn’t miss what he never had. She’d always been there for him. Reading bedtime stories, conquering bullies and the bogieman. That’s what big sisters do. Mom was useless [...]

affair (dot) com

Are you crazy? You’ve never even seen him in person! I know him, and he knows me... far better than you ever could. How can you say that? You can’t be sure he’s not some pimply-faced kid goofing around with his high school friends. You couldn’t possibly understand the connection we have. It’s more than [...]

Ride along

Arriving with a deputy, we parked down the street from the apartment. I patted my pockets, double checking I had everything I needed. Nervously kneeling behind the squad car, I watched the SWAT team positioning itself around the building. The lead officer pounded on the door, barking out orders for the perp to come out, [...]


Their bed once warmed by passion stands empty and cold. His chilling voice echoing through the room, ‘you are not good enough.’ Tangled in a thin blanket, she retreated to the couch, curling tightly around her heart, protecting what faint beating of life still remained. Crippled by his betrayal, she felt herself slowly slipping away. [...]