Their bed once warmed by passion stands empty and cold. His chilling voice echoing through the room, ‘you are not good enough.’ Tangled in a thin blanket, she retreated to the couch, curling tightly around her heart, protecting what faint beating of life still remained. Crippled by his betrayal, she felt herself slowly slipping away. [...]

A living doll

It had to stop. The beatings, the vicious verbal attacks, the forced seclusion, all of it was over. Had to be smart. She couldn’t let them trace it back to her. "The only DNA we found was the victim’s. The hair is his." “Victim? I thought he had a heart attack. Co-workers said he was [...]

A poor reflection

Being dead didn’t bother her, being invisible did. If she was stuck haunting this dreary dump, she should at least have fun doing it. A few scary faces, some ghostly finger wiggling, a bit of phantasmic levitation... something. She had tried a full-voiced concert of wailing and a few eerie wind noises. Nothing. What did [...]

Do they know it’s Christmas

If another person wearing a saccharine smile oozed out a holiday greeting there would be blood. Bell ringers stationed outside were avoided with military precision, as she zig-zagged through hordes of shoppers. Standing at center court, she was overwhelmed by a sea of hideous Christmas sweaters. Music blared from every corner. The childish song lied. [...]