Belts as weapons

We had a sort of breakthrough with Dani this week. Well, not so much a breakthrough as a revelation.

We have suspected from the beginning that Dani went through something traumatic, physically and/or psychologically before making her home with us.

The other day that theory was demonstrated through something as innocuous as changing clothes.

One morning when Mister was getting dressed he slid his belt out of a pair of unwashed pants to use with a fresh, clean pair. Just the act of Mister having a belt in hand had a chilling affect on Dani. 

Dani tucked her tail and cowered, making the most heart-wrenching whimpers we’ve ever heard from any animal. Nothing she’s done up to this point has been as agonizing to witness. 

I believe anyone who would abuse a defenseless animal should be condemned to the Seventh Circle of Hell.

15 thoughts on “Belts as weapons

  1. Oh poor Baby. My stomach flipped when I read that. I have no time for anyone who abuses a defenceless animal, and agree with you, they should be condemned to hell. Hope you can overcome it with lots of love and care..

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    1. We will never know all of what Dani’s been through, we can only make her time with us as loving and nurturing as we can.


  2. Uggh.

    My mother’s chihuahua I think went though something similar prior to coming to us. She’s a perpetual bundle of nerves (like 15 straight cups of expresso every hour on the hour).

    Sounds like your dog is making nice incremental progress.

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    1. There are still a lot of trust issues, but she’s starting to act a little like a puppy again. She and our older dog have begun to play together. That’s been a nice development.


    1. It’s been slow going, but little by little I think she is learning to trust us. She’s made some big improvements from when we first brought her home.


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