Couch cushion fort

I want to return to my uncomplicated childhood when I’d build myself a couch cushion fort, cool and quiet, where I could settle into a nest of blankets and bolsters tucked away in one dim corner.

My upholstered stronghold a refuge from puerile troubles, a place to hide from the sinister, faceless monsters lurking behind living room curtains and under my pink, princess bed.

Only now, the fearsome fiends come in the guise of champions and commanders not easily unmasked nor overthrown.

My fortress of pillows will be a soft spot to land when the world comes to an end.

Inspiration: Nest


4 thoughts on “Couch cushion fort

  1. This piece makes me want to shrink away and cry while listening to P!nk’s song “Barbies,” although I mean this in a good way. I’m a sucker for nostalgia.


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