Second base

Tiffaneigh wanted to write her memoirs, but worried her life didn’t include enough wonderment to make for compelling reading.

If she was only a secret agent, spying on nefarious hooligans, creating dossiers detailing their shenanigans and devilry for black suits at the Fed.

There was the infamous, 1992 softball scandal. Cici Parson missed second on her turn around the bases in the championship game between the Lady Cougars and the BearKittens. The plate ump gave the run to Cici, handing the win and regional title to the Kittens.

But, that was Cici’s story. Tiffaneigh needed to do something as extraordinary.

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Inspiration: Softball

2 thoughts on “Second base

  1. I’m a little confused here. Tara is “Second Base” yours or someone else’s? I like it very much. Why don’t we ever think our lives are interesting?

    I’ve finished my submission for this week’s challenge. Here is my submission for this week. The challenge evoked lots of varied memories and this sad one.


    Recently my sister gave me two boxes she set aside for me when my family cleaned out my parents’ house. Mom died several years ago. Dad was moving to a continuing care community. My sister chose items she thought would be meaningful to me. She chose well. I found an old photo of me with my best friend, keeper of my secrets, my handsome cousin John. John was 18. I was 16. Dressed in his army uniform it was the day before he shipped out to Viet Nam. We smiled bravely for the camera. He came back home a stranger.

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