A little more

“Never, never rest contented with any circle of ideas, but always be certain that a wider one is still possible.” ~ Pearl Bailey

circle of light

My New Year Resolution is to expand my circle of ideas, a little:

Dream a little deeper
Worry a little softer
Argue a little kinder
Care a little gentler
Trust a little sooner
Listen a little harder
Think a little clearer
Speak a little slower
Smile a little brighter
Walk a little lighter
Stand a little taller
Sleep a little longer
Believe a little fuller
Reach a little higher
Breathe a little easier
Live a little simpler
Play a little sillier
Dance a little faster
Hug a little tighter
Kiss a little sweeter
Love a little wilder
Work a little smarter
Write a little braver
Thank a little quicker
Praise a little longer
Defend a little louder
Condemn a little fairer
Complain a little quieter
Support a little stronger
Be a little… more.

wordpress button grunge
Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “consider what this familiar shape represents – circle.”

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