Little black case

vintage brownie camera

The dusty, little black case bespoke of a simpler time. Hidden high on a forgotten shelf, its single eye looking out on a changing world, the box held onto long-lost memories.

Childhood summers chasing fireflies, teenage young love, balancing on that cusp between the dawn and dusk of a curated life. Graduations, christenings, weddings and births, all stored away. Images frozen on celluloid, like some precious bit of amber.

As dangerous as Pandora’s box, it contained tales left untold. Black and white snapshots capturing single moments in time, a past lingering in the shadows. A genie in a bottle yearning to be freed.

What secrets does it possess, what mysteries?

This week’s Studio30 Plus: “Bespoke” and/or “Indicate”
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Inspiration: Brownie camera

2 thoughts on “Little black case

  1. I love the little Box Brownie cameras! My grandmother had one the she let me take photos with when I visited her. I would have still been in primary school. I was always very excited to receive copies of my fuzzy black and white photos after they were developed :).

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