blue glass Christmas ornament on a white, sand beach

I live near a popular tourist destination. Our sugar-fine beaches are beautiful, and mimic the look of freshly fallen snow. During the off-season (when there are fewer beachgoers), I take collection of colorful, glass Christmas ornaments to the seashore to take some holiday photos. The combination of the white, snow-like sand, the crystal clear blue water, and bright sunshine, along with the old-fashioned Yuletide decorations make for an intriguing image. It’s like the picture doesn’t look quite right, but you can’t put your finger on why.

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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “share what ‘off-season’ means to you.”

5 thoughts on “Off-season

  1. Every time you do this I fall in love with the picture. That blue against the sand, the holidays merging…it’s all so perfect.
    Thank you for letting us share these moments with you by way of your beautiful pictures.

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  2. This is such a beautiful picture it’s almost inspiring. Sometimes I wish I lived on the beach, but as a suburban girl afraid of water I can’t see into, I have second thoughts.

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    1. That’s what is so wonderful about Gulf Coast water… I’ve been in over my head, and can still see to the bottom. The water is incredibly clear.


  3. Just beautiful. A few years back I took some photos of the beach at Atlantic City. It was just after a snow fall and a line of gazebos across the sand were covered with snow. The beach with winter accents is amazing.

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