Humble servant

metal hook in stone post

Your body is my temple, and I worship at the altar to your love. Offering sacrificial kisses as sweet as milk and honey to appease my master.

A high priestess in your cloister, I carry my devotion in outstretched arms. A willingly given innocence is my benediction.

I drop to my knees, my head bowed in supplication, a deviant prayer spilling from my lips. Pleading for your benevolence, aching for your punishment. My penitence is to serve, and satiate your every desire.

With deep reverence to your divinity, I keep your commandments faithfully. Ever your humble servant, I unrepentantly submit.

The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Reverence”

2 thoughts on “Humble servant

  1. “Fifty shades of” ….wouldn’t it be nice to be served instead of servant?
    It read well, but my heart twisted for her /him. Giving yourself willingly doesn’t always guarantee a respectful reciprocal act.

    Great use of that word for Velvet.


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