What’s his angle

steel tower

He is an angular man, obtuse with a straight-edged mentality. Two-dimensional in his scope, wavering neither up nor down.

Square-jawed masculinity shades his inner disarray. His flippant tongue has gotten him in trouble more than once. Cutting remarks cannot be dulled by a sharp wit, they still wound.

Those piercing eyes follow you everywhere, seeing everything. Linear in their focus, they never deviate from staring straight into your darkest corners.

Any arguments with him degenerate into a twisted Möbius strip, an endless loop of frustration. If he finds himself in an inverse position, he manages to go off on a tangent and take a different angle. All the while, convinced he never changed his stance.

He is an angular man on a plane all his own.

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Light and Shade Challenge: “Ahhh. A man with a sharp wit. Someone ought to take it away from him before he cuts himself.” ~ Peter da Silva
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Submitted to Weekly Photo Challenge: “What does angular mean to you?”

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