When pie is king

peeled green apples

This Thanksgiving we will have an added visitor sharing dinner with us. My daughter’s beau is to be a honored guest. A unique situation for me, since this is the first time a swain has been invited to our family celebration.

I do Thanksgiving up right. I start cooking early in the week, prepping what dishes I can. We have sweet potatoes and mashed Idahos. I bake a ham, and the Mister deep fries a turkey. There is green bean casserole and REAL cranberry relish.

I’ve put in a request for the Beau’s mother’s cornbread dressing recipe, and I’ll also make a pan of my grandmother’s melt-in-your-mouth angel biscuits.

There will be snackage galore with spinach-artichoke dip, sausage and cheese balls, cheddar-bacon-corn muffins, and praline pecans.

Then comes the pies…

I’ve been practicing my homemade crust skills, and I’ve gotten pretty good. Apples will be peeled, pecans will be drenched in Karo syrup, pumpkins will be souffléd, and maybe some coconut will be toasted.

Pies are the dessert of choice around here on the fourth Thursday in November. Cakes and cookies are baked at Christmas, but for the Day of Great Thanksgiving, pie is the hero. Or, I hope I will be when I set out a buffet of delicious pastries.

I am grateful for:

  1. My grandmother’s pie crust recipe
  2. New friends
  3. Reasons to bake pie
  4. PIE
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15 thoughts on “When pie is king

  1. I love pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving, but I’m always a sucker for apple. I love a warm apple crumb and Cool Whip on top.

    The beau is coming. I’m so excited FOR you.


  2. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, but your post made my mouth water.
    My Mum used to put cloves in her apple pies sometimes, or perhaps a little cinnamon.
    Seeing your photo reminds me of our fantastic apple tree, which is one of the very few things I miss from the house.

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  3. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in my country, but man, your post makes the holiday sound delicious. All that wonderful-sounding food. And the pie! Good luck with the culinary celebration!


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