A quest for perfection

vintage permanent wave machine

A diet of lemon water and rice cakes holds the promise of svelte limbs and a flat stomach. Faux curls and a touch of rouge only add to the fleeting illusion of youth.

The Trifecta challenge this week is: 33-word free write.

16 thoughts on “A quest for perfection

  1. Such a good reminder. What is perfection after all. To me it may be different than to someone else. We just need to be who we are.


  2. Ah, so true, illusion it is – thankfully some of us realize it and have accepted the truth while others foolishly continue to chase the mirage 😀 Great writing as always Tara and am sure we will meet again – tc and all the best 🙂


  3. I can tell how beyond this problem I am by the vision of me in faux curls and rouge (*screams inwardly*) and the knowledge that lemon water and rice cakes will give me the runs and, if anything, flapping folds over aching limbs and an inevitably protruding tummy. So I’m basically in hysterics over here. And I guess I’m okay with my self image. too.
    Love your writing, Tara. And that photograph is absolutely stunning.


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