Christmas spirit


I found my Christmas Spirit, and all it cost me was $7.20.

Monday was errand day, and I spent a good portion of the morning running around to too many stores, buying stuff I probably didn’t need, and grumbling about having to wear pants.

My last stop was to pick up coffee creamer for The Girl. I threw a container of cookie dough and some chips into my cart too, and headed for the express lane.

I tucked in behind a young woman who was separating her groceries into two piles. The first pile was “must haves,” and second was “if possibles.” Checking the running total as the cashier ran her items, she got down to three things – a loaf of bread, a box of oatmeal, and a package of cheese – and ran out of available funds.

When she asked the cashier to put back those last items, I looked at the junk I had in my cart. I motioned to the cashier to add her overage items to my ticket.

We aren’t a rich family. I know exactly what money I have left after paying bills, and I am stingy with it, just ask my menfolk. But, this woman was literally counting every dollar.

The junk in my cart, none of which I really needed, was more than the items this woman wanted to put back.

I found out later that she was a single mom, about to start a second job. She and her kids just moved into their own place. When she asked for my address so she could thank me, all I asked her to do was to Pay it Forward.

She also asked for a hug. We both were tearing up and wished each other, “Merry Christmas.” Then the cashier got into it, and wanted to hug me too.

I’m not sharing this for any “atta girls.” I’m sharing to show how easy it is to help someone, to do the right thing. It cost me the equivalent of a venti Chai Tea Latte at Starbucks, but the two hugs I got back were priceless.

14 thoughts on “Christmas spirit

  1. I’m late in getting here, but so glad I read this today. I can’t say I didn’t have any Christmas spirit. I did. But the holiday had it’s challenges too. You’ve just reminded me how insignificant my problems can be in comparison to those of some others.


  2. I do it often, and never tell anyone. For what? My heart knows and I like my sons seeing their mom and dad caring about people in every instance.

    My heart knows your heart…and it smiles.


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