Suicide prevention

Last March, my daughter called home early on a Sunday morning. A close friend from high school had taken her own life, and my daughter was inconsolable.

There are so many unanswered questions, and days when the loss is still overwhelming.

On November 16, my daughter and other former classmates are participating in a local walk for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Their team set a $3,000 goal for the fundraiser. If you can support this worthy cause, please consider making a donation.

Click on the ribbon to go to the support page…. Thank you!

suicide prevention ribbon

14 thoughts on “Suicide prevention

  1. Being a Resident Assistant and then a Resident Director in college I had students that attempted and then when I was an RD one student who succeeded. I still have terrible memories of being one of the people who found her.
    I am so sorry that your daughter has this loss in her own memories. Losing a friend for any reason is a tragedy but knowing that it was by their own hand haunts you forever, all those questions, all those things that you think you could have done to stop her, show her how precious she is.

    when I went away to college my sister attempted Suicide, took 2 bottles of pills because she felt like I had abandoned her. I still live with that pain and complete fear that I could have lost her.

    many hugs to your daughter and I’ll donate today, so proud that she is taking something positive out of her deep loss.


    1. Thank you Kir, I know Jess will appreciate your support. I don’t have any personal experience with having someone close to me taking their own life, or even attempting it, so I was at a loss at how to help my daughter. I just let her talk, and that seemed to be what she needed.


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