Oh captain, my captain

inflatable raft

Gulliver’s travels
Began upon the ocean
Where is my dinghy

Submitted to Haiku Friday for LouCeeL

*On a recent morning walk, my daughter and I spied this one-man inflatable raft tucked away in the woods. We thought perhaps a neighborhood kid left it there. I had to snapped a photo – much to the consternation of my daughter. On our return home, when we passed this same spot, the raft was gone. A little further down the path, as we crossed over a foot bridge along the shore of the bayou, we saw the raft in the water. Its captain, clearly not a child, paddling away. Based on his disheveled appearance, we guessed he was a homeless man who had been sleeping under the footbridge. As I am wont to do, I began concocting a story about him.

5 thoughts on “Oh captain, my captain

  1. even in 17 syllables you bring it home.

    I concoct story about random people all the time, there is always a story swirling in my mind.

    happy Friday.


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