Train wreck rubbernecking


When celebrities do something stupid, illegal, bonehead, offensive, tactless, socially unacceptable, (insert adjective du jour here) and we complain that they’re only seeking media coverage while blasting their faux pas over every available news and social media outlet ad nauseam… then the terrorists win.

Perhaps… if we just ignore them. Cut off their attention whore lifelines, they will take their toys and go home.

(I’m going to have to block you.)

It’s not their responsibility to do your parenting job. If they go too far off the crazy train tracks, stop buying their music or watching their movies, just stop talking about them.

*dusts off hands*

Don’t feed the crazies.

17 thoughts on “Train wreck rubbernecking

  1. My guy DVR’d the award show replay the other night just because I was seriously cracking up at some of the jokes that people were making (the one that photoshopped Beetlejuice’s head on Robin Thicke’s body was my favorite). So we fast forwarded through almost all of it ( I made him stop and watch Macklemore and JT 😉 and then laughed so hard we almost cried during this purported debacle of debauchery. I mean, she looked like an ijit but it was really kind of hilarious and personally I didn’t find it offensive, and I definitely didn’t think it was sexy. I think it’s kind of sad that people are taking the VMA’s as, like, this touchstone of morality in the first place. By their nature they’re all about the excess.


  2. My teenager wanted her mom and I to watch them with her. I saw about six minutes last year and since Tay’s headed away from us in a few months when she asks, we say yes. The funny part? when Guhga and Miley did their stuff; me, Bo, and Tay just shook our heads and tweeted jokes to Twitter like champs. So, there you go…



    1. That’s because you guys get it. I’m stunned by parents who are apoplectic about how her Disney persona is no longer family friendly, like it’s some personal insult. I would be willing to bet the train wreck we see during her recent performances, isn’t entirely who she is either.


  3. I didn’t watch the VMAs, I thought about it (and seeing Justin Timberlake and N’Sync but also thought, I can watch it on YouTube if I hear it’s awesome)
    Lately, I’ve been like that…I listen to satellite radio (much less celeb gossip) I won’t watch reality TV and I am beginning to despise 24 hour new networks (except Jon Stewart, because he’s frickin hilarious). I don’t know as much as I used to about the gossip, but I find I’m much better for it. I always say, “I don’t watch Reality TV, I have enough of my own” and I mean it.

    you’re right, cut off the lifeline of anyone seeking attention and they will just go home.


    1. I didn’t watch the VMAs either, but I didn’t have to with all the righteous indignation over certain performances. I won’t even mention who, because I don’t want to feed the crazies. I like watching some shows with my daughter, who analyzes everything from a sociologist’s view point. That’s entertaining.


      1. Oh I would love that too..we should get cake, and do that. 😉

        I’ll stay with my USA and TNT networks shows. Getting lost in a story is so much better than watching people try soooooo hard.


    1. I’m amused that the people who post the more virulent complaints are doing exactly what these celebrities want, talking about them by name, ALL. THE. TIME. Just say “no.”


      1. Sadly, I can go forever without looking in on what celebrities are up to, and still be updated by the way it’s shared and reshared…

        (Full disclosure – my wife has a subscription to Entertainment Weekly.)


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