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Blue velvet

dark blue sunset

Elvis on blue velvet, sexy and luxurious. Deep, dark and sultry, a mysterious veil is drawn over the world. His bold silhouette stands against the sapphire sky, glowing embers set the fringe ablaze.

The Trifextra challenge this weekend is: a thirty-three word piece that has a color in it

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  1. Just two weeks ago we found out a very good friend of ours , one part of an older couple that we know from church (and love like family ) had died unexpectedly..He LOVED Elvis, in fact after I met him I could never think of Elvis or hear his name without thinking of Frank (the man who died) ..Frank was such a huge Elvis fan that when the boys came early on January 8th (Elvis’s birthday) he was ecstatic, “you need to name one of them Elvis or Aaron” he laughed, often.

    so first when I started to read this, I teared up, missing him and then that gorgeous picture and your words all served to let the tears fall but have a giggle about the kitschy framed pictures of him that remind me of childhood so much.


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