Walking into spiderwebs


Every. Single. One.
Gossamer silk spans the trail
Face and arms find them

Submitted to Haiku Friday for LouCeeL

On a recent trip to Tennessee, I had a chance to hike around Short Springs State Natural Area in Tullahoma. I headed out early in the morning, camera at the ready. I guess my mind was more on looking off trail than what was in front of me. Spider webs seemed to jump across the path at me in every turn, and I only noticed them when I walked directly into each one. I still have the heebie-jeebies.

19 thoughts on “Walking into spiderwebs

    1. That’s one reason I started taking a walking stick on my photo hikes. There are days I look like I’m engaging in some sort swash-buckling mime trying to knock down webs.


  1. I love spiderwebs. Not walking into them, of course, but they are such beautiful and incredible creations.
    I took a pretty cool pic of a banana spider on its web at Poe Springs last week. I wanted to share it on my blog, but I feared I’d lose followers. lol


  2. OH GOD, it’s my face. Every TIME it’s my face. And then for hours, I feel the tiny imaginary spiders spinning more webs in my hair and prickling my scalp and skittering like mad little eight legged lice from one side of my scalp to the other.


  3. I am a big fan of spiders or even the webs, but I do think they are beautiful to look at, I love how strong and UNRELENTING they are.

    the picture was pretty, the thought of them (spiders..) not so much. 😉


  4. Yuck! I don’t have a Vietnam story, but a house we moved in to had a shed in the yard. When the door was opened it was full of webs AND spiders. Gaaah! We bought about three cans of spray and with the door open only wide enough to fit can and arm, emptied a can, slammed the door shut and left it for about a week.


    1. Florida has spiders called Golden Silk. Just their bodies can grow to 3-4 inches long. They love to build webs across trails, so walking into one is a full-body sort of thing. I haven’t seen any this season. Maybe I’m getting a little better at spider spotting.


  5. When I was in Vietnam, we would go on night patrols through the jungle and we constantly run into those things – but the spiders were as big as your hand and they would catch BIRDS in their webs. AND they were poisonous. Very poisonous.


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