Spring break’s lost weekend

windswept seagull

Frat boys linger late at the bar, throwing out baitless pick-up lines at all the pretty girls misbehavin’ for the lovin’ and attention. Gobsmacked by their lack of success, blaming rejection on the game and not their feeble hunting techniques.

All popped collars, and gelled hair, believing they’re irresistable and not just ridiculous. Puffed out chests, and puffed out egos, clipped wings that can’t soar off balconies, falling short of the concrete ponds.

Twenty-one shots in the dark hit the spot until the morning their whole weekend is lost. A souvenir from their first time away from home.

The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is ‘Misbehavin’

*Spring Break has brought hundreds, if not thousands, of college co-eds to our beaches. Every year there are reports of some drunken reveler being injured falling from a resort balcony trying to jump into the hotel pool. I haven’t read about any balcony divers yet this year, but there were more than 200 arrests for underage drinking in the first two weeks of the season.

15 thoughts on “Spring break’s lost weekend

  1. I don’t know much about the typical/traditional stupidity that comes with “spring break” mentalities, I never was one for following the masses, but I have heard it described in books, movies, tv shows, and other people’s blogs…. I still think you did it better here. 🙂

    Love the way you write Tara. My favorrte phrase is: “Gobsmacked by their lack of success…”


  2. I guess it’s good that the frat boys at least have hope! Glad to know no one has tried to jump into any hotel pools!


  3. I have never enjoyed a Spring Break week in Florida, or Cancun, or wherever all the college kids go to trade hormones with each other. I think I might have missed something. Or not.


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