Hearth and home

Hearth and home

Walls crumble and fall
Wind and rain, fire and seasons
Hearts and love remain

During my weekly photo hikes, I occasionally come upon abandoned buildings. When I can, I stop to photograph the ruins. I always wonder about the circumstances the lead to the buildings being left to the elements. I think about who may have lived in these houses, did they had families, what did they do for a living, what are their life stories.

All I know about the featured photo is that several years ago the house burnt. I don’t know if it was empty at the time, or how the structure caught fire. But it was totally destroyed. The photo shows what is left of the linoleum flooring in what appears to be the kitchen. A brick fireplace and hearth were the only parts of the house left standing.

I still like to imagine, that whatever crisis or change in fortune that resulted in a building being abandoned, the people who lived or worked there knew that home is not a thing but a feeling. Walls may fall, but hearts remain.

5, 7, 5

Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL.

5 thoughts on “Hearth and home

  1. This is a gorgeous photo- I love abandoned buildings and barns around here- they always catch my photo eye and I’m always wanting to snap more shots of them & trees than anything else. It seems that buildings, barns, and trees always have such a fascinating story to tell.


  2. We have so few abandoned houses where I live…as in none really. I need to take some short day trips to communities further east. The photo opportunities would be fabulous!


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