Cleaning day

abandoned home

From the road, the house appears abandoned. Parasitic vines run rampant over the once manicured lawn. Shrubbery has gone feral, their wandering branches attacking the crumbling siding, worming their way under the slats and prying them away from the cinder block walls. The front door stands open, as if the old woman is still home, waiting for … Continue reading Cleaning day

Old news

phone pole bulletin board

News is fleeting, soon enough Passing into the realm of myth. Pen to paper, words made real. Town crier proclaiming truths, Forgotten once they leave his lips. Posted where the world can see Held up to public scrutiny With iron and steel, Until the wind changes, Another scrap of news posted.

No trespassing

I got busted this weekend. When I set out of for my photo hike, I decided to just drive around looking for interesting stuff. That means old buildings, abandoned buildings. There is an old gas station near Crestview. I've stopped there many... many times. Saturday, while I was circling around, trying to get different angles … Continue reading No trespassing