Week 8: 365 Project

I took a Mulligan (it being Leap Year and all), and published  a 365 Project photo that wasn’t taken on THE day I posted it. It was still taken this week. In my defense, I did take a photo on the day in question, even sent it to another site for posting later, but won’t post it here until then.

I'm with the Band

Last year, I donated a handmade necklace to the Band Back Together fundraising auction. For this year’s BB2G auction, I’m donating a handmade bracelet. If you’re not familiar with BB2G, go check it out. It’s a loving, supportive community for people  – of all ages – dealing with abuse, addiction, mental disorders and for the people who love them. Proceeds from the auction will help cover expenses for non-profit status filing, and community outreach projects.

Auction items will be posted on March 26. Until then, you’ll just have to wait to see this amazing and unique piece of jewelry. Then I expect everyone to go into a bidding frenzy to own it… and to help BB2G of course.

(Guidelines for donating items to the auction can be found here: BB2G Auction. Monetary donations are also always welcome.)

Week 8

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7 thoughts on “Week 8: 365 Project

  1. Is that a chocolate lab and a calico cat? I love the copyright on the dog’s collar – sweet and adorable. You actually CAN get collars with stuff printed on them (our wanderer has our home phone number on his. The microchip is in place if he ever gets picked up, but when it’s just the neighbors, all he needs is stable ID) but I like your photoshopping better!


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