Without a trace

“Then search parameters need to be widened!”

Teams were on foot scouring every neighborhood within a five-mile radius, flyers were distributed to law enforcement agencies in the entire region, and cable news teams were filming sound bites for their evening broadcasts. An Amber Alert went nationwide. The hunt for the missing toddler couldn’t get much wider.

It had been over 48 hours, and nothing. No traces found, no ransom demands made. She simply vanished. Time was running out, and all hope was fading.

He was among the first volunteers to help, knowing all along exactly where she was buried.

The 100 Word Challenge, a writing prompt created by Velvet Verbosity, takes a single theme to tell a story in only 100 words ~ no more, no less. This week’s theme is ‘Widened.’


23 thoughts on “Without a trace

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  1. All of the comments say it already, but I’ll say it again – well done. You captured the raw creepiness of this all-too prevalent reality, when the perp pretends heroics.


  2. Oh I have goosebumps even now. There are so many people who are so wrong, and … this happens way too often. It’s scary, and I worry about how fast our society has declined that this is so common now compared to a generation or two or three ago. Perfectly written. Brrrr!


  3. I found an old dresser once – drawers lined with newspaper. I read the paper – I was curious – it was the “Des Moines Register”, from 1947. Long story short? It read like it could have been written tomorrow.

    It’s always been there – we were so unaware.


  4. This is a great write about a horrible fact of our lives. I keep wondering why it seems so much worse today than back in the day. Is it really worse, or is it that the media brings it out of the shadows and shines a bright light on it for all to see? I don’t know.

    But I live on a short street (maybe 15 houses long) that is a cul-de-sac. There can be no through traffic. Yet every afternoon, there are half a dozen neighborhood cars parked up at the opening waiting for the school bus so the kids (ranging in age from six to sixteen) won’t have to walk a few houses down the street to get home.

    Sad, but I understand.


  5. When I first moved back to Georgia – 1993, after college there was a case like this. This evil redneck scumbag killed his little girl, led the search party for her, then the cops broke him a few days later. They found her like 10 minutes from where I live now. Horrible.

    Every parent’s worse thought is losing their child. I can’t imagine the evil it takes to deny it and make people think ….ugh…

    good writing, you made me emo…


    1. There have been so many high profile cases of murdered children in Florida recently – Caylee Anthony, Jessica Lunsford, Rilya Wilson, Kaleigh Cummings – that this kind of horrific crime is never far from my mind.


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