Meeting God

Seeking answers where there’s none
Wanting to believe
Wanting to accept the lessons
Learned at my grandmother’s knee

Show me, let me see the wounds
Let me feel the punctures
Will that convince, will that
Let me lie in the grotto, listening to the scraping of stone

I can’t hear the angels’ voices
The breaking of my heart
Drowns out the seraphim
I wanted to believe

I was yours
You filled me, made me glad
You gave me my heart’s desire
Then broke it, shattered

I cried out
Why did you forsake me
Why did you abandon me
When I needed you most

I believed in you
Did you ever believe in me

* Submitted for Amy’s ‘Five-Minute Breakfast Poems.’

Battle for my soul
No victors, simply losers
No spoils to divide

* Haiku Friday is hosted by Lou at LouCeeL.

Today is also my 100th Post on “Thin spiral notebook.”

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