Kites and ocean breezes

The rush of air in your ears is the sound of your beating heart
Skin wet, sticky with salt
Heat from the setting sun on your back, steam lifting into the mist

Adrenalin coursing through your veins,
Alive, aware, running ahead of the wind
Free on the water, skimming across the surface, riding the waves

Alone on the beach, watching, wishing
Wistful daydreams of kites and ocean breezes
Rolling over the water on a flying carpet

Thoughts of adventure skip across the waves as a smooth stone
Sunset cools the sand, brings the gulls into shore
Day is ending, hope remains, renewed with the dawning sun

  1. Love this, Tara. So beautiful.



  2. So lovely… I wish I could write good and stuff like you.




  3. Beautiful. I love the hope that is in so much of your writing.



  4. Way cool, woman. Love the piece.



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