It’s been a good day

After several weeks of stress and frustration, I finally had a chance to get away and let go of all my troubles. I headed to the beach. It’s like going camping. I brought a chair and blanket; a windbreak umbrella; a cooler full of lunch, drinks and snacks; a good book; sunscreen and a wide-brim floppy hair; sunglasses; a boogie board to float on; and sand … Continue reading It’s been a good day

bare light bulb attached to industrial cord

The lights are on, but no one’s home

The instruction email came only a few minutes after scheduling our home-visit appointment. We were told to not change any light bulbs in any of the suspected lamps – even if they burnt out prior to the actually reading – to not move or dust the shades, and to not unplug or turn off any lamps at a wall switch, only use the actual lamp toggle. … Continue reading The lights are on, but no one’s home

number 9

Man of mystery

Andrew was a skilled pettifogger from the Old School of Quibbling. A layman lawyer, he could out talk and out argue any Bar sanctioned attorney. His court was the Speakers’ Corner of the city square; his clients were the disenfranchised; the judge, and jury, were his fellow citizens congregating on the quad; and the gallery was filled with uniformed officers idling on the fringe hoping … Continue reading Man of mystery